Dinotown's Entertained Millions!

After Entertaining Millions, Dinotown's Lovable Characters and Live Shows Are For Sale

I'm Rob Ell, The Owner And Look Forward To Exploring This Proven Opportunity With You! I Can Be Reached At [email protected] 
Listen To Dinotown's Original Theme Song!

Dinotown's Entertained Millions At Theme Parks, Fairs, Malls, Parades and New York's American Museum Of Natural History!


Sharing A Two Minute Video Of Our Unique Family Fun!

Meet Dusty Bones and Family

Dusty Bones is a cool Dad and DJ with ROAR FM, mom Dina, Dee Dee their teenage daughter, Dexter the younger brother, Baby Bones, Creaky and Granny the grandparents and the family pet Flapper!

Experience One Of Dinotown's Live Shows

Dinotown's lovable family entertained thousands of families at the Pacific National Exhibition for years!


Increase Your Attendance

Dinotown's a proven attendance draw for both adults and children that love dinosaurs!

Increase Your Length Of Stay

Dinotown's live shows and lovable meet n greets will add to your length of stay!

Increase Your Per Cap Sales

Dinotown's fans love to take home lots of souvenirs including plush, toys and t-shirts!

For Sale - Dinotown's Lovable Characters and Live Shows

Dinotown's theme park has been sold and my lovable characters and live shows are for sale. The full package includes four costume characters, original music, live show recordings and the training system.

I look forward to exploring this proven opportunity with you soon! I'm Rob Ell the owner and can be reached at [email protected] or 604-897-2403.