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Dinotown's lovable characters and live shows have entertained millions at theme parks, fairs, mall, parades and the American Museum of Natural History!

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To increase your attendance, length of stay and repeat visits!

Lovable Characters

Get four new lovable characters. Click on Dexter above to learn about Street Characters who produce our mascots!

Live Shows

Get four professionally produced live shows including original music and sound tracks that have entertained millions!

Training System

Get an online training system to help you launch your shows quickly!

Watch 3 Minutes Of Dinotown's Live Shows To Experience The Magic!

Showcasing Dusty Bones and family delighting thousands of families at the Pacific National Exhibition!

Meet Dusty Bones and Family

Dusty Bones is a cool Dad and DJ with ROAR FM, Dina the Mom, Dee Dee the teenage daughter, Dexter the younger son, Baby Bones, Creaky Bones, Granny and the family pet Flapper!

Watch the FULL 20 Minutes Of Dinotown's Live Shows To Experience The Magic!

Performing at Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition!

Working With Us Is Easy!

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Imagine Creating These Priceless Family Memories At Your Place!

Sharing A Dinotown Video Where It All Started!

You get access to our priceless theme song too!


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